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Health and Wholeness Ethiopia (HAWE), formerly known as HA-Orphan Children save & Teaching was established in 2010 G.C. HAWE is an indigenous not for profit, non-governmental, non-religious, legally registered Ethiopian resident charity and with registration no.2069. HAWE was established with the intention of contributions to alleviate the socioeconomic and environmental problems with special emphasis on vulnerable children, women and youths in Ethiopia.

HAWE is a committed organization working to improve the quality of life of vulnerable children, girls and youth in Ethiopia. Through our programs we have empowered vulnerable children and youths to lead a better life. We promote a comprehensive approach towards a child’s development. We strongly believe that any early childhood programme must promote all rounds, total, integrated and balanced development of the child in a harmonious environment through developmentally appropriate learning experiences.

HAWE is involved in developmental activities in the areas of health, nutrition, education, women’s empowerment, employment and in income generating activity projects, youth groups and in the overall development of the community.HAWE Implements a project in Amhara Region National Statein one Administrative city and in 5/five/ zones these are: Bahir Dar city, North Shewa, North Gonder, South Gonder, North wollo and Awi zone with in 7/seven/yearsestablishment HAWE addressed more than 80,000 children women and youths in these project thematic area with itself and with the partner of local and international organizations..

Legal Status

HAWE is registered with Federal Charities and Societies Agency as an Ethiopian resident charity (registration number 2069).HAWE is registered to work in the areas of children, women and youth Education, health service and development inEthiopia.HAWE has signed memorandum of understanding with government offices including with Ministry of Health, Ministry of Women and Children and Ministry of Education.


To see the lives of children, women and youths improved; become productive and self-reliant in Ethiopia.

Mission Statement:

Work with Highly vulnerable children, women and youths from marginalized families and community groups in order to improve their lives through giving education opportunity, income generating activities, skill trainings and other developmental accomplishments.


Reproductive Health

To improve the psychological condition of girls through reproductive health and reusable sanitary pads with skill training support, they attend their education during menses…s

IGA and Sanitary Pads

Support of girls in all educational services, health cares and awareness creations in HIV/AIDS, reproductive health and income generating activities of girls

Executive Director

Mr.Alehubel Alemaw Bizuneh
Founder & Executive Director of HAWE
Mobile: +251 930 46 46 46
Addis Ababa-Ethiopia

Head Office Location

Bole sub city, Woreda 03
In front of Bole medahenealem church
Milkomi Building 2nd floor H.No.207
Office Phone: +251 118 211 621
Mobile: +251 978 101 111
+251 978 030 000
Addis Ababa - Ethiopia

Branch Location

Amhara National regional state
Tana sub-city Ras Ageze kebele
House No.A407
Office Phone ;+251 582 20 51 55
Mobile: +251 918 71 23 23
Bihirdar|Amhara Regional State | Ethiopia

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